Dictionary of Human Evolution and Biology

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Abrigo Do Lagar Velho Rockshelter

Archaeological site found in 1998 in the Lapedo Valley, north of Lisbon, Portugal, dated to 24.5 kya (radiocarbon), that contains Gravettian artifacts. The fossil hominid remains include a nearly complete skeleton of a child (Lagar Velho 1) attributed to either Homo sapiens or H. neanderthalensis. Among the artifacts collected were charcoal, stone tools, pierced deer canines and fossilized red deer bones and horse teeth. Aka Lagar Velho. This find has been interpreted by some as indicative of gene flow between Neandertals and AMHs, and in support of the multiregional continuity model.

See pierced mammal teeth and last of the Neandertals.

Cf. Mezmaiskaya Cave.

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