Dictionary of Human Evolution and Biology

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Afropithecus Leakey And Leakey, 1986

Enigmatic genus of fossil ape of the early Miocene (18-16 mya) found at Kalodirr Riverbed, Northern Kenya, and in Saudi Arabia; the phylogenetic relationship to other hominoids is uncertain. Monotypic; A. turkanensis has some unique traits, such as a very long snout, not seen in other hominoids, and has a mosaic of other features found in diverse ape groups. This mosaic pattern includes thick molar enamel and large procumbent central incisors that it shares with the large Miocene Asian apes; other facial features resemble those of the African apes. It also has many characteristics reminiscent of the Oligocene African anthropoid Aegyptopithecus. Description of this ape in the 1980s expanded the view of Miocene ape diversity.

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