Dictionary of Human Evolution and Biology

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Aotus Species Groups

Clusters of Aotus species based on the possession of primitive or derived traits. The genus contained two recognized species until a recent revision that has resulted in at least ten species. The gray-necked group is considered to be more primitive and contains animals with a dull pelage and yellow underparts; this group is composed of A. trivirgatus, A. lemurinus, A. brumbacki, A. hershkovitzi, and A. vociferans. The more derived red-necked group is composed of animals that are more brightly colored and includes A. micronax, A. nigriceps, A. nancymaae, A. infulatus, and A. azarai. There are workers who still think there may not be more than three species. Molecular systematics may elucidate this situation within the next few years.

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