Dictionary of Human Evolution and Biology

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Bouri Formation

1. a geological formation located near the village of Bouri, in the Middle Awash, Afar rift region of Ethiopia, with three members (Hata, Dakanihylo, Herto) consisting of fossiliferous sediments spanning from at least 2.5 mya to 154 kya.

2. archaeological site found in 1990 in the Hata member, dated to 2.5 mya, that contained evidence of butchery of a three-toed horse and an antelope (cut and percussion marks), and hominid remains recovered in 1997, the type specimen for Australopithecus garhi, BOU-VP-12/130.

3. archaeological site found in 1997 in the Dakanihylo member, dated to c. 1.0 mya, that produced the Daka hominid, BOU-VP-2/66.

4. archaeological site found in 1997 in the Herto member, dated to c. 160-154 kya, that produced the Herto hominids, including BOU-VP-16/1, the type specimen of Homo sapiens idaltu subsp. nov.

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