Dictionary of Human Evolution and Biology

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Clark, John Desmond

English-born US anatomist, educated at Cambridge. Prehistorian of Africa at UC Berkeley (1961-86). Clark worked in Zimbabwe (then Rhodesia, Africa) in 1938, as curator of the David Livingstone Museum. He was the discoverer of the Kalambo Falls site in 1953. Often in the field, he worked the Middle Awash on several occasions. He was among the first to involve Africans in excavation and research methods. He is remembered for his extensive knowledge of lithic industries of all archaeological time periods. He also excavated in India, and in the Nihewan Basin near Beijing in the 1980s. Author of 300 scholarly papers and 18 books including Atlas of African Prehistory (1967) and The Prehistory of Africa (1970); co-editor of Kalambo Falls (vol. 3, 2001).

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