Dictionary of Human Evolution and Biology

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DeVore, Irven

US ethologist and anthropologist at Harvard. DeVore’s early work was intended by his dissertation advisor, S. Washburn, to provide a model for early hominid behavior and ecology; he began work with studies of baboons in East Africa in 1959, and he co-produced several films on baboon behavior and ecology. With Richard Lee, he organized the Man the Hunter symposium in 1966 that also resulted in a book with the same title. This symposium recognized the important role of gathering by females and documented the steady caloric input of females to the total diet of bands of huntergatherers. DeVore later did fieldwork among human hunter-gatherers, and as a result his interests turned to foraging strategies, and eventually to sociobiology in which he trained a large number of students. Editor of Primate Behavior: Field Studies of Monkeys and Apes (1965).

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