Dictionary of Human Evolution and Biology

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Dendropithecus Macinnesi (Le Gros Clark And L. Leakey, 1950)

Monotypic genus of hominoids from the early Miocene of East Africa belonging to the catarrhine family Proconsulidae; previously included in the defunct taxon Limnopithecus; previously included in the family Hylobatidae as a gibbon ancestor candidate; it is also suggested by some workers that Dendropithecus is closely related to Pliopithecus and should be included with the Pliopithecidae. Estimated body mass is 10 kg. Dental formula:; shearing crests on molars suggestive of folivorous and frugivorous diet; sexually dimorphic canines, but long and sharp in both sexes, suggesting to some that this species was monogamous (similar to the gibbons). Postcrania suggest arboreal quadrupedalism as mode of locomotion.

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