Dictionary of Human Evolution and Biology

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Erythrocebus Trouessart, 1897

Monotypic catarrhine genus; patas monkey; Aka red hussar, red or military monkey; closely related to Chlorocebus and the Cercopithecus species. Broad distribution across sub-Saharan equatorial Africa from Senegal to Ethiopia. Open-country species, usually found in savanna habitats. Diurnal. Terrestrial quadrupeds that sleep in trees. Patas have long slender limbs and tail, narrow paws with short digits and reduced halluces and polluces (see hallux, pollux), adaptations for cursorial running. They attain speeds of 55 kph (35 mph). Strong sexual dimorphism. Dental formula:; mainly granivorous. Live in small onemale units ranging from 8 to 20 animals with large home ranges; nongroup males form bachelor herds.

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