Dictionary of Human Evolution and Biology

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Eulemur (Lemur) Simons And Rumpler, 1988

Prosimian genus to which the large Malagasy or true lemurs belong. Five species, nine recognized subspecies. Found only on Madagascar and the Comoros in forested areas. Arboreal. Generally diurnal, but active at night as well. Quadrupedal. Sexually dichromatic. Body mass generally between 2 and 3 kg. Dental formula:; diet varies with species but includes folivory, frugivory, and nectarivory. Males possess circumanal glands with which they perform scent marking; females scent mark mainly with urine. Synonym: Petterus Groves and Eaglen, 1988. The five species of Eulemur were included in the genus Lemur until 1988. species.

Cf. Lemur catta and Varecia variegata.

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