Dictionary of Human Evolution and Biology

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Galagoides (Galago) A. Smith, 1833

Prosimian genus to which the dwarf bushbabies (galagos) belong. Four recognized species, which are sympatric in East African coastal forests. Occupy closed primary forest or the understory of secondary forest from Senegal through the broad belt of rain forest in eastern Africa and into Zanzibar. Nocturnal. Arboreal quadrupeds, with some leaping. Small, weighing between 60 and 150 g. Dental formula:; possess dental comb. Predominantly insectivorous, with some fruits and plant exudates. Noyau social pattern organized into neighborhoods of overlapping male and female home ranges; females congregate into sleeping dormitories during the day. Some workers include Galagoides alleni with Galago.

See Galagidae.

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