Dictionary of Human Evolution and Biology

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Gran Dolina

Archaeological cave site in the Sierra de Atapuerca, Burgos, Spain, found in the nineteenth century by railroad construction workers. Recent excavations begun in 1976 date the site to perhaps 780 kya; it contains pre-Acheulean pebble and chopper tools and the remains of at least four archaic individuals assigned to either Homo heidelbergensis or Homo antecessor. These individuals, especially a child, are described as having the faces of AMHs but the brows of Neandertals. One incomplete skull has a possible cranial capacity 1000 cm3. The majority of the remains are from the so-called Aurora Stratum, aka TD6. Aka Atapuerca, Trinchera del Ferrocarril sites, Trinchera Dolina (TD), Big Sinkhole.

See Sima de los Huesos.

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