Dictionary of Human Evolution and Biology

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Hapalemur I. Geoffroy, 1851

Lemurid genus to which the gentle, or bamboo, lemurs belong; three species; all three species are sympatric over parts of their range. Prefer bamboo forests and found pre-dominantly in the eastern rain forests, with small pockets in the west and north, of Madagascar. Arboreal; crepuscular (they sleep at the base of bamboo trunks during the day); locomotion includes arboreal quadrupedalism and vertical clinging and leaping. Body mass ranges from 700 to 3000 g. Dental formula:; diet is specialized graminivory (bamboo) with leaf and flower supplements; species are able to coexist because they partition resources by consuming different parts of bamboo. Mark home ranges with scent. Live in small groups, presumed to be family units.

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