Dictionary of Human Evolution and Biology

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Human Genome Project

Project initiated in 1989 and funded by the US government; has the initial goal of locating and identifying all of the coding genes in the human genome by the year 2005; a secondary goal, to sequence all the DNA in the entire genome, will take somewhat longer. Currently, the HGP is substantially ahead of schedule. One of the major findings of the Human Genome Rough Draft published in February, 2001, is that the number of genes may be closer to 30,000 than to the previously estimated 100,000, and that the enormous library of human proteins is produced by fewer cistrons and differential splicing; yet other species have a gene: protein ratio that is closer to 1:

1. The American HGP has recently combined with the international Human Genome Organization (HUGO) to make the project global in scope.

See gold standard.

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