Dictionary of Human Evolution and Biology

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Human Genome Rough Draft

Two versions of the sequence of the human genome were published in February, 2001. Each sequence unveiled almost 2.7 billion bp of an estimated 3.2 billion bp in the entire human genome; more than 95% of the euchromatic regions had been sequenced. One public version of the complete sequence is mirrored at several sites on the internet. Principals in the sequencing effort, which included work by over 500 scientists who co-authored the two papers, included Francis Collins of the US NIH, Eric S. Lander of the Whitehead Institute, and J. Craig Venter of Celera Genomics. The Consortium paper is: Lander et al. (2001), Nature (15 February 2001), 409: 860. The Celera paper is: Venter et al. (2001), Science: 1304.

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