Dictionary of Human Evolution and Biology

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Indri É. Geoffroy & G. Cuvier, 1796

Monotypic prosimian genus to which the indris belongs; aka short-tailed indris, dog-faced lemur, endrina, or babakoto. Inhabits rain forest of east-central Madagascar. Arboreal; diurnal; vertical clinging and leaping locomotion. Tail is a short stub. Largest of the living prosimians, body mass ranging from 7 to 11 kg. Dental formula in dispute, either or Proponents of both formulae agree there are 30 teeth and that there are only four teeth in the dental comb. Folivorous, but chooses young leaves and shoots; adaptations to leafy diet include enlarged salivary glands. Live in monogamous family groups; territories are delineated by sound.

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