Dictionary of Human Evolution and Biology

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Lake Turkana

Lake in northern Kenya, reaching just into Ethiopia near the Sudan border. Formerly Lake Rudolf, the name was officially changed to Lake Turkana in 1974. The western portion of the lake is now referred to as simply Turkana. Lake Turkana and the sediments in its basin are divided into three regions from north to south: these are (in order) Ileret, Koobi Fora, and Allia Bay. The term Koobi Fora refers to a region and also to a geological formation in that region, and is also synonymous with East Turkana. The region has several Plio-Pleistocene sites that date to 5-1 mya, and has produced several important fossil hominids; see, for example, Kanapoi and Nariokotome. The Plio-Pleistocene environment was probably a lakeside forest enclosed by an arid region. Aka (formerly) Lake Rudolf.

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