Dictionary of Human Evolution and Biology

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Leakey, Meave G. Epps

Kenyan paleoanthropologist; with husband Richard Leakey, reconstructed KNM-ER 1470 in the 1970s, and, with Alan Walker, both KNM-WT 15000 and KNM-WT 17000; in 1995, located and described the 4.12 mya old fossil Australopithecus anamensis, an early bipedal hominid but with ape-like dentition. Also described Kenyanthropus platyops. Head of the paleontology department at the National Museums of Kenya after 1985. Co-editor of Koobi Fora Research Project, Vol. 1: Fossil Hominids and an Introduction to Their Context 1968-74 (1978).

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