Dictionary of Human Evolution and Biology

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Lee, Richard Borshay

Canadian anthropologist at the University of Toronto; has worked since 1963 among the Dobe Ju-hoansi-Kung, huntergatherers in the Kalahari. His ecological studies provide quantitative data regarding nutrition among foraging peoples. Publication interests include ecology, history, African studies, indigenous peoples, AIDS, political economy, and the politics of culture. Co-editor (with I. DeVore) of Man the Hunter (1968), which contained Lee’s classic paper ‘What scavengers do for a living, or how to make out on scarce resource’. Coeditor (with I. DeVore) of Kalahari Hunter-Gatherers: Studies of the Kung San and Their Neighbors (1976); coeditor (with R. H. Daly) of The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Hunters and Gatherers (1999). Author of The Dobe Kung (1984) and among others a popular article ‘Eating Christmas in the Kalahari’ (1969), Natural History, 78(10): 336.

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