Dictionary of Human Evolution and Biology

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Lewontin, Richard D.

US evolutionary biologist at Harvard; he was among the early converts to Kimura’s theory of neutral evolution, and almost immediately published corroborating evidence (with Hubby, 1966) on extensive polymorphisms in wild populations. Lewontin espoused the dialectical approach to any problem, and thus he seemed to object to almost every popular biological concept; see, for example, his classic paper (with S. J. Gould) on the panglossian paradigm (1979). Another important paper on human diversity was ‘The apportionment of human diversity’, in Evolutionary Biology (1972), 6: 381-98. Author of many other scholarly articles and books, including Evolution and the Theory of Games (1961), The Genetic Basis of Evolutionary Change (1974), Human Diversity (1995), and Triple Helix: Gene, Organism and Environment (2000).

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