Dictionary of Human Evolution and Biology

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Archaeological site found in 1968 near Muldura in New South Wales, southeastern Australia, and thought to date to 40 2 kya (OSL, 2003; other14C dates of 24.7 and 31.1 kya have also been obtained, and in 1999, OSL, ESL and U-series dating yielded controversial dates of 82, 78, and 62 kya). The site was a Pleistocene lake thought to have last been full around 15 kya; fish, shell and bird remains are common. Contains undated artifacts of the Australian core-tool and scraper tradition from the Mungo B trench. Hominid remains have since been repatriated, and included fragments of three individuals with some archaic traits (Mungo I-III) that were attributed to Homo sapiens. Aka Lake Mungo, WLH I, II and III.

Cf. Willandra Lakes.

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