Dictionary of Human Evolution and Biology

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Nachola (Formation)

An archaeological site (or region) found in 1982 in the Samburu district near the Baragoi River south of Lake Turkana, Northern Kenya, K/Ar dated to 15.4-12.8 mya (middle Miocene). Hominoid remains from the Nachola formation and the Aka Aiteputh formation include skeletal fragments attributed to Kenyapithecus and/or Nacholapithecus.

Cf. Samburu Hills. Nacholapithecus kerioi: species of hominoid from the Nachola formation in the Samburu district, Northern Kenya, dated to c. 12 mya (middle Miocene). There is currently some confusion concerning the taxonomy of the remains, which are similar to those assigned to Kenyapithecus and/or Equatorius.

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