Dictionary of Human Evolution and Biology

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Famous archaeological site found in 1918 near Nairobi, in Kenya’s Rift Valley system, dated from 1.4mya to 200 kya, and that contains both Developed Oldowan and Acheulean artifacts (handaxes, cleavers and bolas stones).Thought in 1943 to consist of a home base site with several living floors on the shore of a Pleistocene lake, taphonomists later demonstrated that the tools had accumulated in ancient stream channels. Excavated principally by Mary Leakey; her application of a technique that exposed artifacts in situ, horizon by horizon, was perhaps the first excavation of a Paleolithic site using such advanced techniques. Few hominid remains have been recovered; see KNM-OL 4550. The site is now an openair museum containing hundreds of undisturbed artifacts.

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