Dictionary of Human Evolution and Biology

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Pan Paniscus Schwarz, 1929

Bonobo; aka lesser or pygmy chimpanzee; monotypic species. Has restricted distribution in the tropical forests of Zaire, south of the Zaire River (and south of the distribution for P. troglodytes). Slight sexual dimorphism in body size; body mass for males about 45 kg, females 33 kg. Principally frugivorous, but also consumes small vertebrates. Social organization similar to that of P. troglodytes, but more interaction between males and females. Some researchers think that bonobos are more appropriate models for human evolution than common chimpanzees are; they share several behavioral traits with humans, particularly in the bonding between females and males. Bonobos were not accepted as a valid taxon by the majority of workers until fairly recently; the vernaculars lesser and pygmy chimpanzee are now not in favor.

See Pan and Pan troglodytes.

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