Dictionary of Human Evolution and Biology

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Pelycodus (Cantius) Cope, 1875

Prosimian from the early Eocene of North America belonging to the subfamily Notharctinae; two species; primitive adapoid. Previously grouped with Cantius, which some authorities still consider to be a valid grouping; one of the distinctions between Pelycodus and Cantius is geographical location; Pelycodus is found primarily in the southwestern region of the USA. Some authors think that Pelycodus is derived from Cantius; Pelycodus may be the ancestor of Notharctus (although most workers think that Cantius gave rise to that genus). Dental formula:; dental morphology suggests both insectivory and frugivory. Body mass estimated to range from 5 to 6 kg. One of the three adapoids with an unfused mandibular symphysis, a condition found in the living prosimians.

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