Dictionary of Human Evolution and Biology

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Presbytis Eschscholtz, 1821

1. catarrhine genus to which the leaf monkeys belong; eight species recognized by most workers, some authorities list more. Before recent revision, this genus was often subdivided into subgenera or into species groups. Located in the tropical forests of the islands of Southeast Asia. Arboreal; diurnal; locomotion is quadrupedal with leaping. Body masses range from 5 to 8 kg. Dental formula:; primarily frugivorous with secondary folivory; retain dietary adaptations for a high-fiber diet, such as an enlarged sacculated stomach and large salivary glands. Social organization variable depending on environment and species; may be onemale units and bachelor herds, or mixed-sex troops (from 5 to 125 individuals).

2. subgenus used in schemes that lump the leaf monkeys in the genus Presbytis; the most current approach is to split these monkeys into several genera.

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