Dictionary of Human Evolution and Biology

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Semnopithecus Desmarest, 1822

1. monotypic catarrhine genus to which the Hanuman, sacred, or common gray langur belongs. Found in wide variety of habitats in South Asia. Body mass ranges from 15 to 21 kg with slight body size sexual dimorphism. Dental formula:; frugivorous and folivorous. Social organization usually a one-male unit. These langurs were the first primate species observed practicing infanticide.

2. subgenus of Presbytis used in schemes that lump the langurs in that genus. The langurs in this group are South Asia species and include P. (S.) entelllus, P. (S.) vetulus (senex), and P. (S.) johnii. The langurs are also divided into species groups by some workers as an alternative to subgenera.

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