Dictionary of Human Evolution and Biology

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Tanner, James M.

British physician, auxologist, physiologist, and growth specialist at the University of London. Best known for his standards of skeletal maturation, attenuation of the so-called Tanner stages of pubertal development, a set of growth standards for several anthropometric measures, and studies of the physiques of Olympic athletes. He was also a pioneer in human growth hormone therapy. As a member of the International Biological Programme, he compiled and published comparative growth studies from around the world. He was a founding editor of the Annals of Human Biology and founding member of the International Association of Human Auxology. Author of 250 papers and 10 books, including Growth at Adolescence (1962), (with P. B. Eveleth) Worldwide Variation in Human Growth (1976, 1990), A History of the Study of Human Growth (1981), and (with R. H. Whitehouse) Atlas of Children’s Growth (1982).

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