Dictionary of Human Evolution and Biology

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Trachypithecus Reichenbach, 1862

1. colobine genus to which the brow-ridged langurs belong; nine species recognized that were formerly included in Presbytis. Distributed from South Asia into Southeast Asia. Arboreal; diurnal; arboreal quadrupeds that employ leaping. Body mass ranges from 4-15 kg. Dental formula:; diet predominantly folivory. Dietary adaptations for folivory include specialized dentition, large salivary glands, and a large sacculated stomach. One-male units, with the presence of bachelor herds, are the usual social organization.

2. subgenus of Presbytis used in schemes that lump the brow-ridged langurs in that genus. The langurs in this group are Southeast Asia species and include P. (T.) obscura, P. (T.) phayrei, P. (T.) cristata, P. (T.) pileata, P. (T.) geei, and P. (T.) francoisi.

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