Dictionary of Human Evolution and Biology

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Grandmother Hypothesis

Proposal by K. Hawkes that grandparental investment reduces parent-offspring conflict (and reproductive competition) and makes a significant contribution to longevity and long-term survival by nurturing not only one’s own offspring but grandchildren as well. Specifically, researchers have argued that human females experience menopause to be free from their own childbearing to care for grandchildren, and that nurturing behavior and human longevity evolved together. Other researchers, using fossil data, have suggested that increased human longevity occured about 32 kya. Aka stopping-early hypothesis, grandmothering.

See inclusive fitness. grandorder: taxonomic level above the order that consists of several orders of animals presumed to be closely related. The grandorder relevant to the study of primate and human evolution is the grandorder Archonta, which includes the orders Dermoptera, Chiroptera, Scandentia, and Primates. Aka cohort by some workers.

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