Dictionary of Human Evolution and Biology

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Hairy-faced Tamarin Section

Division of the genus Saguinus based on face fur, or lack of face fur, and other pelage patterns; not a subgenus distinction. The hairy-faced tamarins are distinguished by long hairs on the forehead, temple, and crowns. They are divided into two groups. The S. nigricollis group does not develop a moustache, although it has short white hairs surrounding the mouth, and consists of S. nigricollis and S. fuscicollis. The S. mystax group has a moustache, although the degree of development varies; short white hairs around the mouth are also present in this group. This group includes S. mystax, S. labiatus, and S. imperator. The S. midas group consists of only this species and lacks both the moustache and the white hairs around the mouth.

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