Dictionary of Human Evolution and Biology

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Mid-ocean Ridge

Any elongated rise on the ocean floor where basalt erupts periodically, and forming new oceanic crust; similar to a continental rift zone.

See mid-Atlantic ridge. mid-offspring value: mean phenotypic value of all the offspring (the sibship) within a family. mid-parent value: mean phenotypic value of an individual’s (or a sibship’s) parents. mid-phalangeal: pertaining to the middle section of a finger or toe. mid-phalangeal hair: autosomal dominant condition characterized by dorsal hair on the top of the third (middle) segment of the fingers; aka mid-digital hair. Occurs with high frequency among the Dunkers in Pennsylvania. mid-sagittal: describes a plane or line of anatomical orientation that runs medially through a bilateral organism and divides it into equal right and left halves; also describes a structure on this plane. Aka mid-sagittal plane.

Cf. sagittal.

See sagittal crest. mid-tarsal: describes the area between the two rows of tarsal bones. mid-thigh circumference: anthropometric measurement: distance around the middle of the thigh as measured with a tape measure placed mid-way between the inguinal crease (skinfold between groin and thigh) and the proximal border of the patella and passed horizontally around the body. Combined with the other thigh circumferences, used for estimations of body density, adiposity, lean body mass and for various applications in human engineering.

See distal thigh circumference and proximal thigh circumference.

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