Dictionary of Human Evolution and Biology

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Presapiens Hypothesis

Model attempting to explain the position of the Neandertals proposed by Marcellin Boule and Henri Vallois, who argued that, compared with moderns, Neandertals were an old relict species with unshared, derived traits, and which suggested that they were a congeneric species; a modern European sapient lineage, as exemplified by Swanscombe and Steinheim, existed quite separately from the Neandertals and ultimately gave rise to modern Europeans, and Neandertals became extinct at the end of the Würm glaciation. Proposed c. 1915 and supported by Keith, but now largely out of favor.

Cf. the Neandertal phase of man hypothesis, the preneandertal hypothesis, the monophyletic hypothesis, and the polyphyletic hypothesis.

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